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Marvista Elementary School
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Weekly Message from Mrs. Heater (4/27/2020)

Weekly Message from Mrs. Heater (4/27/2020)
Dear Marvista Families,
As we begin to settle into our new way of life and a new way of learning, I thought it might be helpful to share some ideas I have been reading about to help maintain a sense of calm and normalcy in my own home during the pandemic. Some of these ideas come from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
Keep a routine but allow some flexibility. During the pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain bedtime and other routines. These routines create a sense of order to the day that offers reassurance and predictability in a very uncertain time. Most children, including teens, benefit from routines that are predictable yet flexible enough to meet individual needs. Think about structuring the day. With the usual routines thrown off, try establishing new daily schedules and  breaking up schoolwork when possible. Older children and teens can help with schedules, but they should follow a general order, such as:
    • wake-up routines, getting dressed, breakfast and some active play in the morning, followed by quiet play and snack to transition into schoolwork.
    • lunch, chores, exercise, some online social time with friends, and then homework in the afternoon.
    • family time & reading before bed.
Have fun! Go outside for walks, bike rides, play games or cook together but most importantly, find what brings you and your family joy. Also, find the humor, I know this is how my family and I cope.
Reach out to Marvista staff if you need support. We are here for you! We can help with accessing online learning, social and emotional support as well as connecting families to community resources. Please email either Melissa Pointer or me and we will gladly connect you to a member of our amazing Marvista team.
Take care,
Maggie Heater
Assistant Principal
Marvista Elementary