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Marvista Family Message for November 18

Marvista Family Message for November 18

Greetings Marvista Families, 

Student Led Conferences are an annual tradition that provides you a wonderful opportunity to be involved in conversations about your child’s learning.  Each time we venture into this time of year, I find myself reflecting on how important the partnership is between the parent, the student, and the school.

At the conference, your child and your child’s teacher will be discussing individual strengths as well as areas of needed growth.  It is our goal that these conversations will be collaborative and will be focused solely on how we can all work together to support your child. You can expect your child and your child’s teacher to have information to share with you, as well as some questions for you.  To deepen the conversation, you may consider asking some of your own questions. 

This year you will notice some changes to your child’s report card. The report card is a tool that helps to communicate what your child needs to know and be able to do by the end of the grade level and to identify strengths and areas for continued learning. 

Over the course of the school year, your child’s teacher will create engaging lessons and teach to all grade level standards; however, they will formally assess and communicate progress toward the Essential Standards.  These Essential Standards were identified by our district as the most important standards at each grade level.

The Highline promise is to know your students by their name, strength, and need, including the behaviors that promote learning. These behaviors in the past have been graded on the report card. This year we are moving away from the grading of behaviors and encouraging families and teachers to have conversations about behaviors and how they are enhancing or impacting learning opportunities. We believe that the conversation about learning behaviors can build partnerships between families and teachers that this partnership will lead to positive outcomes for our students.

Some considerations when looking at your child’s new report card:

  • You will see all of the Essential Standards identified for the whole school year. There are more standards listed than in the past.
  • Only a portion of the Essential Standards have been taught and/or assessed for this first trimester. We still have two more trimesters to go.
  • For the standards not yet taught or assessed, the teacher will label the grade as an “X”.
  • You will no longer see behaviors that promote learning. Instead, you will have conversations about student learning with your child’s teacher or these learning behaviors will be noted in the report card comments.
  • Students who qualify for an IEP will continue to receive communication regarding their IEP goals and teachers can make connections to the modifications that are provided in the classroom to support student learning. 
  • Our district will be asking for input from families regarding the new report card. It is important to hear from you as we work to build communication tools that support two-way communication between families and classrooms.
  • If you have follow up questions, your child’s teacher will be able to explain the essential standards assessed.

Thank you for always partnering with us.  Our promise is to know your child by name, strength, and need.  Taking the time to participate in this collaborative conversation helps us to achieve our promise and will create positive outcomes for our students. We appreciate your partnership and continued support.  If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call our main office at 206-631-4200.  Our team will work to connect you with the appropriate support staff.


Maggie Heater
Marvista Elementary