School Rules

Be Respectful

A Respectful student will:

  • have a positive attitude
  • produce and value quality work
  • work in a non-disruptive way toward self and others
  • be an active listener
  • treat others with kindness
  • refrain from bullying, intimidating or teasing; No put-downs!
  • refrain from using inappropriate language or gestures
  • be truthful
  • dress appropriately for learning
  • ask permission before borrowing another person’s property
  • return items borrowed in a timely manner and in good condition
  • maintain a clean school
  • use school equipment correctly

Be Responsible

A Responsible student: 

  • comes to class on time
  • has the proper materials and supplies
  • listens actively and participates in class
  • returns homework
  • returns permission slips and other communication to and from school
  • does their personal best on their school work
  • asks questions when they don’t understand
  • maintains a positive environment
  • accepts ownership of the problem
  • understands and shows empathy for the feelings of others
  • is trustworthy
  • solves the problem he/she created
  • maintains the dignity of self and others
  • makes restitution
  • demonstrates personal best
  • is truthful

Be Safe

A Safe student:     

  • follows adult directions 
  • follows procedures for arriving and leaving campus
  • follows procedures for playing safely on the playground
  • makes choices that keep themselves and others safe
  • knows what to do in an emergency or natural disaster