• Come to school on time and prepared for the school day.
  • Have homework finished.
  • Have pencils, papers, and materials needed.
  • Have notes signed and returned, if appropriate.
  • Be considerate of the rights of others, students, staff, substitutes and other adults by honoring the learning environment.
  • Refrain from inappropriate language and gestures, such as swearing, put downs and unkind behavior.       
  • Refrain from endangering the safety of others and threatening others.
  • Do their personal best by following the Marvista Elementary School rules and procedures at all times.

School Personnel

  • Model all Marvista Elementary guidelines, rules, procedures, expectations and consequences.
  • Develop and communicate a classroom management plan to support school rules and procedures.
  • Support services and programs for children with special individual needs.
  • Treat every student with respect and dignity.
  • Communicate with parents on the behavior and academic performance of each child.


  • Understand and comply with the rules and procedures of Marvista Elementary.         
  • Expect their children to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while in school, on or the school grounds, and to treat adults with respect.
  • Ensure that students come to school on-time everyday and will have them out of school only when they are too ill to attend.
  • Parents will notify the school if their child will be absent.
  • Instruct children to go home promptly and directly by the route established at the beginning of the school year. If a child is going home with another child, the parent must send a note. NO phone calls will be allowed to make such arrangements. Other arrangements must be made by means of a signed note to the school.
  • Ensure children are prepared for school each day with books, finished homework, and necessary materials and lunch or lunch money.
  • Ask children daily about school activities and see that all notes needing signatures are returned as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that children come to school clean and ready to learn and that all valuable items, toys, weapons and look alike weapons are left at home. 
  • Attend all conferences requested by staff and approach the teacher first, if there are concerns.
  • Get all the facts before drawing final conclusions about complaints or misunderstandings that children bring home. A call to the school or persons concerned can usually prevent misunderstandings.
  • Prepare your child for the possibility of emergency school closure by having procedures for them to follow.