General Information

Administrator/Office Job Responsibilities

Melissa Pointer
  • Professional Growth & Evaluations for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Intermediate EBC, Specialists
  • Annual Action Plan Coordination 
  • Professional Development Planning
  • Professional Collaboration Coordination 
  • RULER Team Facilitation 
  • Hiring/Staffing
  • Budget oversight 
  • Para scheduling
  • Front office coordination
  • PTSA coordination 
  • ELL Technical support 
  • SLT and Instructional Planning Team Facilitation 

Jodi Schilling
Assistant Principal

  • Professional Growth & Evaluations for K, 1st, 2nd, LRC and Primary EBC
  • Title 1 and LAP instructional support
  • LRC Support 
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team oversight 
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Coordination 
  • Professional Development Assistance
  • Jump Start Coordination 
  • School wide safety coordination 
  • Attendance oversight
  • SBAC coordination (annual state testing) 
Andrew Ritsema
  • School Counseling program coordination including:
    • Academic
    • Personal, Social & Health 
    • Career Prep 
  • Check, Connect & Expect coordination (CC&E)
  • 504 coordination 
  • Student Support Team (SST) coordination 
  • McKinney Vento Coordination 
Meghan Kelley
Assistant/Dean of Students
  • Student Supervision 
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) facilitation school-wide and in classrooms
  • Restorative Justice Facilitation 
  • Tier 2 Social Skills Groups
  • Learning Resource Classroom (LRC) small groups teacher  
Jackie Alvarez
Family Liaison & Bilingual Tutor 
  • Schedules and Facilitates ELL (English Language Learners) home visits 
  • Provides individual & group academic support 
  • Communicates with teachers regarding progress of students
  • Liaison between school and students' families in two way communication 
  • Relays information from parents to teachers and vice versa 
  • Provides interpretation and translation services 
  • Assists school in creating a welcoming climate 
  • Facilitates family engagement and outreach activities 
Mani Sanga & Roberta Jaffe
Office Assistants 
  • Daily Attendance 
  • New enrollments 
  • Family address/contact information changes and updates
  • Parent Portal 
  • Health clinic 
  • US Mail 
  • Illuminate reports/labels 
  • Attendance letters - Mani
  • Student withdraws - Mani
  • Class fee & field trip deposits - Mani 
  • I Got Caught monthly drawings - Mani 
  • Enter Behavior incidents into Illuminate - Roberta 
  • Laminating - Roberta
  • Marvista web page and weekly email coordinator - Roberta 

LaDonna McNeil
Office Manager 

  • Manages Principal and Assistant Principal's calendars and appointments
  • Security codes
  • Payroll, Extra Service Contracts, Substitutes, Title One time sheets 
  • Budget 
  • Supplies and purchasing 
  • District Mail and packages 
  • Monthly P223 student counts
  • Employee injuries during work 
  • Health clinic 


Art Docent Program

Volunteers are an important and consistent part of the elementary arts education program. Art Docents work with our teachers to lead art discussions and teach each class a hands-on art project, usually once a month. Volunteers show posters of famous works of art and conduct interactive discussions about the artwork and artist. Students are asked open-ended questions and get to participate in and contribute to the discussion. Students soon learn that their creative ideas are valued and that there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Everyone appreciates art for different reasons.

Students develop their own artistic skills through hands on art lessons using a wide variety of media and techniques: painting, collage, oil pastels, printmaking, cut paper, etc. Our Program does not have children imitate an artist's work; rather, students express their creative ideas based on the featured artist’s style or inspiration. Each lesson includes discussion questions, how-to-steps, motivation and materials are provided. The Marvista PTSA sponsors the Art Docent Program, including providing volunteer docents and art supplies. Please check the Marvista PTSA website to learn more about the program and to connect with the lead Art Docent Chairs.  

Birthday Celebrations & Invitations

Birthday parties are one of the highlights of childhood – for both the celebrant and the guest. All of your children are special to us at Marvista and we want to celebrate each and every one of them. In order for us to do this in a way that is inclusive of all students, is consistent with district nutrition policies, and is minimally disruptive to instructional time, we ask that the treats you bring be either a healthy snack (i.e. crackers, fruit, etc.) or a school related item (i.e. pencils, bookmarks, erasers, etc). It is important that the treat also be something that can easily be distributed without needing a knife or plates. Thank you in advance for following this procedure. 

Birthday Invitations

There are very few who can afford to host an entire class to a birthday party or have a home large enough to accommodate 25+ children. This will inevitably have children get left out and then hurt feelings, envy and tears follow. Just as we try and shelter your children from other uncomfortable social situations such as taunting and put downs, we try and buffer them from these situations because they are just children and often unable to understand the adult realities and obligations of life. We ask your help in this matter by not sending ANY birthday invitations to be passed out at school, at recess or on the way home. We ask that you mail them, hand deliver them or make phone invitations.

Bus Passes

If students are going to ride the bus to a friend's house, they need to have a dated note with a parent signature on it. This note must be taken to the office for office approval. Students will not be allowed to make after-school plans during the school day. 

Cell Phones, Portable Music Players, eReaders, and other Electronics

Unathorized use of cell phones, iPods or other electronic devices during the school day is not permitted. If a student is found using an item of this nature, the item will be confiscated for the day. If this occurs again, the parent will be required to come and pick up the item in the office. If this occurs a third time, the student will face progressive discipline consequences.

Classroom Visits

Parents are often curious about their child's classroom experiences and want to see the program in action. We welcome communication at any time concerning the status or progress of your child. Please call 206-631-4200 to make an appointment with the teacher. (If you schedule an appointment, please share what type of information you are looking for. Calling ahead will help the teacher set up a time frame that is relevant.) Before or after the visit, the teacher may want to schedule a conference with you to share your thoughts or concerns and to ask any clarifying questions.

Unannounced drop-in visits tend to be disruptive. The teacher may not be able to talk to you as teaching and student supervision is their first priority. Always check in at the office and pick up a visitor pass before going to the classroom. The Marvista staff encourages your interest in school activities and is willing to share information with parents in a variety of ways. Please be sure to sign out when you leave.


Andrew Ritsema is our full-time school counselor at Marvista Elementary, whose mission is to help all students grow, flourish and overcome obstacles. Among other roles, he coordinates programs to teach all students about empathy, friendship, emotional management, problem solving and leadership skills.  He does this by meeting with students individually, in small groups and through classroom lessons. 

Andrew also organizes and trains students to become leaders in the school: Orca Coaches (5th & 6th grade students) and Big Buddies (3rd & 4th grade students). These programs help students acquire skills needed for school and career success, and provide prevention and intervention services to meet the educational, mental and social health needs of students.

Andrew is also a community resource liaison who, upon request from parents, can provide referrals to other professional resources: Mental health professionals (i.e. Sound Mental Health, etc.), social services, and/or special school programs. He works closely with students, teachers, parents and the community to support the success of all students. If you have any questions or feel that your child might benefit from any of these services please don't hesitate to email Andrew Ritsema or call at 206-631-4262.

Custodial/Guardian Information

During the school year custodial/guardian conflicts between parents can occur. Without documentation, we cannot prevent release of your child to a parent or guardian. To prevent release, you must provide:

  1. A legal document with dates (or relevant portion of document or decree) providing you with custody of your child/children and the specifics of that agreement.
  2. A detailed description of the restricted party.
  3. Legal directions should we be contacted by the other party for information about your child/children and/or visitation of them.

While the information provided might not guarantee prevention of the removal of your child/children from this school by a parent/guardian, it will provide the best possible protection for them and allow for the involvement of authorities if necessary. Without legal documentation prohibiting it, we must allow access to children and information by either parent.

Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to reinforce and uphold the idea that the Marvista Elementary staff, students and volunteers are involved in creating a positive environment for academic study. 


  • Shorts and skirts must come at or below the student’s fingertips.
  • Tops must be designed so that midriff is not exposed.
  • Clothing with tobacco, alcohol, drug, violence, weaponry, sexual innuendoes, foul language, etc. is not permissible.
  • Spaghetti strap tops, unless worn over another shirt, are not allowed.
  • No ripped jeans in torso, rear or front.

Parents will be asked to bring a change of clothing if a child arrives dressed inappropriately. Also, please ensure that your child always has a change of clothes as a spare for throughout the school year in their backpack – especially important for primary grades (K-3rd).

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Marvista Offers a variety of extra-curricular opportunities through the support of our PTSA. All of the information related to these activities can be found on the PTSA Website

Field Trips

All chaperones volunteering on field trips will be required to complete a district volunteer application which includes a Washington State background check.

Additionally, we are not able to allow siblings of students on the field trip to participate in the field trip, even if the parent is a chaperone.

Lost and Found

A "Lost and Found" for large items is maintained near the office. Many valuable articles remain unclaimed and are given to charitable organizations at the end of the year. Please be sure that all articles of clothing and other items are marked with your child's name. Small or valuable items are kept in the office and must be identified.

Lunch Accounts

Student lunches are $2.75 and milk is $.50. Please apply money to your child’s account online or send check/cash made out to Marvista Elementary School and note your student's name at the bottom of the check. Checks may be given to the office or to the cashier. If your child transfers to a different school within the school district the account follows them and at the end of the year any balance is rolled over to the next year. Free and Reduced lunch forms can be filled out online or a paper copy may be picked up in the office or from the cashier.

Pets on School Grounds

Pets are not allowed on school grounds between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Thank you for following our school district policy.

Rainy Day Recess Policy

Students at Marvista have recess every day except during severe rain, snow, lightning or high winds. Students should be dressed for our Northwest weather, including some sort of headgear and raincoat. Children will not be out more than twenty-five minutes at any one time.

School Closures

Severe weather conditions sometimes prevent school buses and cars from traveling safely. When this occurs, the Superintendent's office notifies local media outlets. News of school closing is always announced early in the morning. Please listen to the radio or watch the news if you suspect that weather conditions may close the schools. You can also go the district webpage as closure information is posted there too. In addition to these methods of communicating changes, the district also uses an automated phone messaging system to contact parents. You may receive automated calls reporting changes and other important information.

Although early dismissal is rare, it is comforting for children to know the procedures to follow. Planning in advance with neighbors or making sure that children have access to the house key prevents worry for children and parents. Please be sure your children know what to do in case of unusual conditions requiring early dismissal. Always list as many contact numbers as possible for those who are authorized to pick up your child in the event of an emergency. It is important to keep these numbers up to date. Notify school of any changes in home phone or cell numbers.

Student Homework

An important part of a child's education is the carry-over of learning into his/her activities outside regular classroom instruction. One way this can be done is through homework.

Homework is schoolwork assigned for completion outside the classroom. The assignment and completion of homework is an integral part of developing successful, independent study skill habits. The amount and frequency of homework varies for several reasons. Certain subjects are characterized by frequent homework, while others require fewer outside assignments.  The emphasis and amount of homework will be appropriate to the developmental skills required by the subject and will vary depending upon the individual student.

The purpose for homework at Marvista can be any one of the following:

  1. To practice and refine skills so that mastery is achieved.
  2. To prepare students for the next meeting.
  3. To extend assignments; to apply learning to a new situation.
  4. To maximize parent-student involvement in the learning process.

Toys and Valuables

The school district cannot, by law, pay for lost or stolen personal possessions of students, such as toys, watches, musical instruments, etc. Please realize that valuables are brought at your child's risk. We cannot disrupt classroom learning to search for toys. Any toy that causes a significant disruption to the learning process will be banned.